Day 1 – Introduction

Hello Readers,

I am a happily married and new mommy. I met my wonderful sailor a little over a year ago and we will be married for a year in July. There have been so many changes since I have met him and mostly all of them for the good if my life. I got pregnant a month to the day after we got married and they are the most precious gift I could have ever recived.

My blog will he about my daily/weekly adventures in my life of marrying a sailor in the United States Navy. Where we live our man for who they are and for whom they work for, it also makes wives to be single Mommies on the long and many months of deployment. There will be many surprises, blessings, and struggles in the years to come, I am sure.

Currently, we live in the wonderful city of Charleston, SC where my husband is in Nuclear school and studying to join the fleet next year. Right now, life is great and so easy with him around. I look forward to where the Navy and God will take us on our journey around the nation, and maybe around parts of the World. I know the day will come when life will be hard. Even now, when he is gone for hours, life around the house gets difficult with two 7 week old twins. He starts the last training next week, which means the beginning of 12 hour days and crazy night shifts. I am excited to go on this journey with him and would not pick a different person to ever spend the rest of my life with.

Tata for now and hope this is the first of many posts of my journey with yall. Ps: Goooo Thunder!! 🙂


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