Don’t drink the water ;)

Holy Christmas. My bestie and neighbor just found out she is preggers!! This is so very exciting. There is a lot physiologically she had going on and has only been trying for a month and already got pregnant. Gooo Jay and his super swimmers 🙂 hehe I can’t even begin to process everything but at the same time i think i am processing EVERYTHING!

However, this next part is when military life gets hard. Within all of the excitement, we can help but to think about how we won’t be together and prolly not even in the same city as each other. This is so sad. She was so amazing and being there for me; from the pregnancy test, to the awesome baby shower, and to the hospital visits, to the current home life. She has been there for me so much – even more so than the hubs. During the day, she is always the one I could count on and I want more than anything to be there for her during the tough time and the fun times that are coming up. Now, our fate and future is in the hands of the USN and all we can do is hope and pray that we could somehow end up close to each other 🙂


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