After having so many great days in a row, today was a rough day! The visit with the grandparents was good, don’t get me wrong but company can always make creating and keeping somewhat of a schedule for the little ones a bit of a hassle. Ever since they woke up from their morning nap, sleep has been pretty much impossible and what “naps” that did exist were very short lived.

It is times like these one must remind themselves of the value of having a family that absolutely loves me and my family; and I always know will truly be there for me if I ever needed anything.

It makes me think of my Great-grandma Hamm. The lack of my visitation with my great grandmother has been really heavy on my heart these last few days and weeks. I can feel the days dwindling away and the chance of having moments together slowly ticking away from us. Although I truly hope it is in the far distance, lately I feel like there are not many days left for her on this Earth. She is such a great and tremendous role model for me and should be for EVERY person in this world. She will be one of the most missed people to ever leave the world.

What a depressing note to end the day on, but it will definitely match my feelings of the evening and our struggles with getting the twins to sleep. So, here’s to another night of struggling and hoping this night will be better


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