Chores Project

I guess I was feeling the need to paint and be creative after my little “rules” project last night. So I got the paint back out, along with the canvas. I sat down and tried to think of what I wanted to do. Lately, life has been so crazy. Chloe and Noah are getting so big, so fast and the hours in the day seem to fly by. I can’t believe they are almost 12 weeks old. Also, Jeff is back in the daily grind of school and minus sleep, he is home for just a few (3 max) hours a day. Life is getting away from me and on top of that, so is my house!!! Ughh…it’s lack of cleanliness and organization is killing me. So, I sat down and created a daily chore list to help keep me on track.


I am also hoping that it helps keep my anxiety down and helps me feel like there isn’t 14 hundred thousand things to do! 🙂 hope is works out, I will have to keep yall posted about how it goes.


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