Homemade Cleaner of the Day

Man, TWOOO posts in a week! It must be my week lol or (the true story) the children are actually sleeping more! WOO HOOO one happy Mommy right here <<

Soo, the children were extra good today (as mentioned above), soo I got to clean the kitchen, dining room, AND bathroom today! 🙂 Which means, I had to make a new cleaner for the bathroom! Sooo, excited! You know you’re a mommy when you get excited and making new cleaners! HA – if the high school me could see me now! I strapped on the research backpack and went Googling, and I found this awesome recipe from One Good Thing by Jillee – I think this is the first time I have EVER referenced her in the blog, but man, props to her doing her thing. It is one of my favorite sites, EVER (disclaimer, she didn’t pay me to say that lol) 😛 I don’t know why I didn’t just start my search there. However, she did happen to find the recipe at THIS LINK! Guess I will be checking this site out next 🙂

Here is the recipe:

1/2 tsp of liquid Castile soap
1 tsp Borax
1 tsp of washing soda
1/2 cup white vinegar
2 cups hot water (distilled or boiled to remove impurities)
25-30 drops of essential oil
24 oz spray bottle

Jillee said to leave out the Castile Soap, umm, sooo guess what I did?? Did you guess that I left it out…yep, that’s what I did! Also, I added a tsp of Dawn to the mix for a little UMPH of cleaning, especially since I left out the SOAP part of a recipe! lol As for the Essential Oils, I added Tea Tree and Eucalyptus, and Man, it smelled sooo good! 

I thought that it did such a great job – I used it on my floors, afterward! I know, bathroom cleaner on the floor, but it worked soo awesomely! I hope ya’ll get to enjoy and love the recipe as much as I did, and woohoo for all the children to stay asleep for the entire time I needed to write! 


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