New Lifestyle

Today, I watched Vegucated! If you haven’t seen it, you DEF need to. It was super eye-opening and heart breaking, all at the same time. I don’t wanna spoil it, but just saying that the things that happen in slaughterhouses and dairy farms are totally GROSS and APPALLING!


After watching this documentary, I decided that I really have to make a lifestyle change. I understand, more than anything now, that a fast paced life is usually filled with processed, easy to fix foods, and more than anything, fast food and takeout. Sooo, let’s take that lifestyle that I used to have and keep it close to the same and ADD two little munchkins! AHHHhhh!! However, I am going to make a commitment to at least try as hard as possible to make a change. Deep down, I know that I really want to. However, I am TERRIFED, not to mention, I have the biggest, carnivorous husband in the world. Now, let’s go back to those two children, and add the fact that they are still Breastfeeding. There is soo much information out there about whether it is safe or not. Soo, I did my research and found this blog and it made me realize that this processed crap and nutrient deficient food I am putting into my body HAS to be worst than what could come out of my body. Especially, as long as I make the transition and somewhat slower one.


Sooo, here is a big cheers with a hamburger, chicken taco toast to beginning the journey on becoming a Vegetarian. If anything, let’s save a few animals from the awful torture of slaughterhouses, cramped and disease ridden living, and the most inhumane practices!


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