Veggie Diet Update

Veggies, Veggies, Veggies…and some meat?? :/ 

Yep, the veggie diet hasn’t treated me too well, so far. Well, I haven’t followed it very well, is more like it. I have had a few slip-ups – mainly chicken (i swear, it’s my downfall)  However, this past week, I started prepping breakfasts and meals in advance! I know I’m sooo smart 😉 

It’s a smoothie, everyday for breakfast! yumm 🙂 They contain frozen fruit, water (to cut out calories and sugar content), protein powder, and flaxseed. It seems to keep me full, for a while, at least until snack time and they are DEE-LICCC-IOUS! 

Lunch is the next easiest meal to make, except I make things in bulk and I eat the same thing usually for the entire week. It isn’t too bad, and it sure beats slipping up for the week. Cheese quesadillas, fried rice, and homemade broccoli mac and cheese, I mean, how could you NOT love it!


But, goo figure and the time I am usually NOT at the house is for lunch and it is actually when I slip – McDonald’s still just looks soo good riding down the road! 

Here’s my new favorite! Morningstar’s Veggie Burger and man, honest to goodness (from the pickiest veggie eater, ever) it is really good 🙂 I cooked mine in the skillet; it had a  nice crunch to it and tasted so similar to the gross, dead animal <<trying some positive reinforcement here! 


Soo, earlier today, I was doing some research and came along this awesome blog – The No Meat Athlete. I am loving the blog, so far. I even subscribed to it AND signed up for the No Meat e-course – I am excited and nervous to see what this is all about. 

In my battle to become a vegetarian, this week has been the best week, yet. I have only slipped up a couple times, I have lost some weight (already), my mood is great, and my energy is high! woohoo 🙂 I hope to keep on trekking!! 


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