Crafting….A LOT!

Well, hello fellow readers. It sure has been a while, and man have we been busy in the Gaston household. I am still trying to implement our “new” healthier eating style and working out (I’ve lost 8 lbs, already..woohoo). Noah is now walking and pretty much, all the time. Chloe is trying to learn. Jeff is working, A LOT!

And, the ‘real’ reason I’ve been so busy; I just got my business up a running! Gaston Crafty Creations It feels so good to have a decent page up and running. I am trying to grow the business and get the word out, all while making the products by hand.

ImageI love this little guy and it was the first one I did!


Soo, this post is really a shameless plug to get the word out and to try and grow the page. My first milestone to reach is 50 likes – and man, is it harder than I thought it would be, but I love what I am doing and my children don’t mind too much either 😉

ImageMy little Miss Chloe, modeling her new hair accessory

If you have a little time on your hands today, I would love for you to come visit my page and like it. Once we reach 50 likes, a lucky winner will win a free prize 🙂


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